Monday, May 17, 2004

another day

bummed at home on a lazy sunday. thank you you for making it all better.

saturday was spent at singapore history museum. there was a short film fest. it was nice and inspiring. a definite must go. next screening is on 19th june. cant wait to return for more.

saturday night was at europa. the highlight of the show was when too phat performed 6 mcs. terry lee was dope. girls at clubs are just so hooot! thank you baby for the free passes.

ended saturday night at jalan kayu for teh. nothing better than a hot tea at the end of the day to wrap up a lovely evening with a lovely person.

andi is going back to indo on the 5th. will miss that funny fellow.

i want to go back to schooooool! :( homer is such a dope!

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