Tuesday, May 4, 2004


assistance was not needed. why should assistance even exist if there is no regulatory conformance. it didnt feel any better, it got alot worse. your incompliant hardware should be defaced in such surroundings. scribbled too vividly was a disclaimer that had been informed once, and too many times.

and once, subliminal signs had signalled the evident exit. footprints of one too many contemplations of whether to stay or go left disfigured shadows before the line crosses exit. hesitant decisions became a favourite issue. it was the every topic of the month, then weeks, now days.

in addition, another pile rested on the previous. not that one wasnt enough, but it was uninvited. although a pleasant surprise, circumstances was the excuse in favour of the moment. accidents that coincidentally apply consequences that caused an entrapment of clear confusion. it expressly called for an irrefutable elimination. it read "the exit"

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