Tuesday, May 4, 2004

nope. the bits were not digestible. common sense didnt seem to make such sense either. n the time n place provided no kind of competitive advantage that could diversify the risk. and a friday that will come is not helping. any efforts will be immediately dismissed due to discouragement from previous experience.

the nonsense that follows after the historical fall was hilarious. these time, the bits were digestible n not to mention yummeh. cheesiness tastes better when it it out of context- or just out of text. the stomach was cooperating, the brain isnt. isnt tt how it always works.

he has consistently maintained his positioning of "talk cock only". there are no signs of changes. today's sighting will just be another day. and his mother is at the back of his phone and at the back of his mind. she blinks at him even.

the art and science of this occurence is a mystery to most. if there are any successful elucidations to this crappish bullshit, please press forward and never return.

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