Friday, May 28, 2004

not insightful

saturday is dinner and dance. saturday is also the day we get our results.

mummy made me compile a list of emo songs for her.

hey. i believe that dreams come true.

a little something..

These empty pursuits in voids of dreams
Remains a relapse of reality
As it slowly reenters
The scavenger sips on his sanity
Nothing is seeming
But hes seen the residue
Its none close to remedy
He realizes his own replications
In his attempts of emulations
Yet too weak in his formulation
None can feel this sensation
His verbal diction has no root
His body is his only institute
His incisions remains acute
Breathing a magnanimous gesture
Recognising this competition
He decides his own steps at his own pace
To persist is his selection
He shouts his name in vain
To glorify the throne that he claims
But it contradicts his dogma
Arrayed in a metamorphosis
His faith was lost in this
He lingered but loped in long strides
but emptiness surived
This was not his hypothesis
initial plot was not abyss
but a whole agenda ceased

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