Saturday, June 19, 2004

20 years late

she passed me the mail. and as she promised, i received two pictures of him.

yes, i do have his eyes. yes, i have grown to resemble him uncanny.

why hadnt i spent time with him. i could have known him. i could have shared great moments with him. i could have had a laugh with him. i would remembered it. i would have cherished it. i would have loved him as i should.

im too late.

now that he is late, there is nothing left i can do.

i guess it is possible to love someone you do not know.

now i have pictures of him. a birthday gift from when my age was still a single numeral. a book he wanted me to read. his eyes. and all the love to give him.

despite circumstances, i love you. you are who you are to me. and although you were not given a chance to show me what you could be to me, youre still that to me.

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