Wednesday, June 2, 2004

and i thought we had a simple plan.

i have warned you before that nonconformance on ur behalf would lead to so-fucking undesirable circumstances.

if u insult me once, i'll return the favour too many times. did u seriously think ur sarcasm would rescue you. if u wanted to rescue this, u would have to get serious help. start a revolution.

im alright. im fucking ok. too fucking ok. no i do not want ur concern. ur stupid advice is seriously irrelevant. i do not need your help. i can get back on my own two feet and i seriously dont need ur sympathy.

if u have a problem, solve it. no use brooding over it. the whole world doesnt need to know ure in pain. get a hold of ur fucking self. if u cant solve it, forget about it. pass the pain to someone else. doesnt sound too right? fuck it.

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