Sunday, June 6, 2004

big fish is a rather imaginative story. rather peculiar but nicely told. in many ways, a good story.

ive watched the trailer for farenheit 9/11. looks rather interesting. cant wait. bowling for columbine was a good one. i liked the abbrieved american history of white men cartoon. very funny.

so sundays are lethargic, fatigue, boring, tiresome and a day to catch movies on the pc. and every sunday i complain about a boring lazy sunday.

me, izaril, fazli and aizat met raphiki yesterday. very nice guy and very easy-going. it was for a few hours, but it was fun. we went to far east to look for some kicks specifically, then off to heeren. then raphiki went back to his hotel.

i was at a family chalet on a thursday. i went bowling with my cousins til 4 in the morning. it was pretty fun and pretty tiring. ive learnt that 2 ppl on one bicycle is not a right number without appropriate equipment. nonetheless, all else went rather well.

i just received a msg. today marks sg hiphop's first gig. the scene is 5 years old today. what a big violent baby.

when i move, u follow. just like that. hoho

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