Wednesday, June 2, 2004

in those jeans

heres the deal daddy,

the material of my jeans is wearing out. in due time, it'll be torn. i would love for it to be torn on normal occasions, but a hole on the back area or the toosh wouldnt be presentable. i thought it could last forever man. forever was as long as 2 years. boohoo.

and the above was not worth mentioning. but yuh, a new pair of jeans will likely burn a hole on my pocket. i think ive overspent. i cant help it...! it keeps me happy n healthy.

todays mission is to go to guess boutique. lets hope i'll find something i like there. or i'll just stick to the levi's.

ok. so im making a big deal out of this. well, the pivot of the topic is me isnt it?

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