Tuesday, June 15, 2004

you dont miss your water

if u didnt know, im on a social strike. i havent gotten out of the house since the last 2 sundays, with the exception of the previous saturday. im not really tryna achieve anything, i just like to call it something. make something useless sound useful. yes, very typical of me. its tad silly. no its very silly.

ive been bumming alot.

its 1728 hours. so far, ive watched 3 episodes of the gilmore girls. woke up at 1430.

decided to be more productive. i decided to clear my stuff. i have piles of notes still suffocating on my storage bench. throwing it away is a practical idea, dont u think. i went through the piles, just to make sure nothing impt is accidentally thrown together with the old.

i write alot of notes. i miss writing notes for exams n tests n what not. notes are just so nice to look at. they soo neat, so organized. theres even a structure to writing it. to each its own actually. theres really alot of effort being put into writing notes. the pen n the pencil-written to differentiate header from the sub. n just browsing thru it, u can grasp the gist of the topic within seconds.

so its official, im a sentimental bastard. notes have sentimental value to me. i love my notes. im an absolute geek. so what?

i miss school. more than u'll ever know. the stupid pungent lecture theatres, the toilet smell, the nyp smell, the freezing tutorial rooms, the all-seeing security guards, the malay stall n makcik n husband at north canteen, yong tau fu at food junction, chicken chop at engineering, cheap mcdonalds and of cos, the company.

cant believe im done. i should try to get a job.

i want to wake up and be able to complain about sch again. i want to feel occupied. i want to go to sch for just a one-hour tutorial which is a complete waste of time. i want to have to figure out where to go after sch. i want to annoy my teachers again.

grow up lin.

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