Wednesday, June 30, 2004

your blatant attempts naturally reciprocated the undivided attention you did not seek. yes, undivided attention it is, just not how u imagined it to be. before 2.

so you reasoned out with no intent of rubbing old wounds. inevitably, new ones were created.

insignificant cursings, significant facts. yes, we make the best speech when very heated. yes, after the flawless speech, comes remorse.

the circumstances complied. too evident and too late. exact opposite if how it was or wasnt planned. you saw it coming. you had forseen this. you knew this too soon, too well.

it makes sense. it makes perfect sense.

it wasnt wanted this way. you were not wanted this way. but this is the only way.

part not with everything less than hope. take whats left, make sure you know. know you tried. do it for your own happiness. slip away now.

sial, pegi aje lah

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