Saturday, July 31, 2004

loud stereos

i met wilis today. she is one mad nice person. i like her.

i cant sleep. i get to see izaril in about 12 hours time. boy do i miss him.

i logged on to friendster today. browsed abit. saw a friends gf profile.

this part is not going to be important.
i rebond my hair. no not rebond rampage whatever you call it. i rebond my hair bcos my hair is fucking frizzy and curly, deadly combination. if i had better hair, i would have kept it the way it is n not bother at all. so all of you with naturally pretty and manageable hair, thank your lucky stars.

why is it that commonality always turns into an issue. something to talk about. something to go against. im not accusing anyone bcos i my friend am guily of such actions.

i do not dig fake lvs, cd, prada, gucci and what have yous. im going with carrie bradshaw on this one. sorry samantha.

i think roxy is alright but girls overhype it. get a grip girls. nothing worth the excitement.

mango addicts. nuff said. it speaks by thyself.

minahs calling other ppl minahs. ppl who specifically scribbled on blogs, friendster.. that they hate mats n minahs. for goodness sake, grow up. bcos thats the way to go today!

im a minah. im a bitch. im whatever you want to be.

now i sound like a 16 year old not a girl, not yet a woman who wants to be different. grrrrreat.

i must say: you are the shit. everyone else is just mediocre. good luck with being different.

but wait isnt everyone tryna be different today. doesnt that make wanting to be different overrated. wouldnt that be just mediocre.

i told you this wasnt going to be important

i am too old to talk like this anymore. i should know better. next year, i'll be the unhip auntie under your void deck. what are you going to say about me then.

that is how it is with society. you have stereotypes of other ppl and other ppl have stereotypes too. acceptance and luscious love only appears in 3 word entries in the dictionary.

y all that jazz ppl?

cake anyone?

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