Friday, July 30, 2004

same shit. different day

so its just another day. nothing much. nothing new.

the mother is not talking to me. no idea why. frustrating but bearable. like all other things.

stayed at home again. bored but too lazy to go anywhere at all.

i tried marinating chicken today. didnt turn out so well, but it wasnt so bad. just not my thing is my excuse.

news aired today that he might not be able to book out saturday due to national day rehearsals or sumda. lets all go with sage francis on makeshift patriot.

irrefutable adversaries. stupid shit.

i pee-d like 20 times today. i drink way too much water and the bladder is not so friendly. this is getting personal.

i watched 13 going on 30 today. just one of those tacky storylines, nothing new. plain old fun loving. everybody needs a lil piece of that sometimes. i needed that i guess, plus i like jennifer garner. she has the hottest bod and the nicest face features. lesbo lesbo lesbo. no thank you

i feel unproductive, inefficient and lethargic. hey, whats new.  i dig that jamie cullum guy. ure nobody til somebody loves you. on and on and on

why is it that we malays are always angry in english. as if english maps us on a level of superiority. what is it with smarty pants and big words. deadly combo.

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