Sunday, July 25, 2004

women with penises/ power. what is the fucking difference

tired. exhausted. fatigue.

i handled 3 children today. am feeling like a whole lotta woman.

i am woman. i am invincible. repeat after thee.
friendster-ed a wee bit. stumbled upon an updated profile of that pelat woman. so she says that she doesnt believe in hatred. 3 sentences later, she hoped for ppl to drown in pathetic sorrow. how contradicting. dont bite your own tongue. oh woman, invest in your own happiness first i.e. get a new penis

missing linda a bit. we're going on budget dating next week. we need to get ourselves a fucking job pronto.

saturday was not spent in town. but it was alright.

anybody wants to be an untrained stuntman (thinks jackass) ? lets make a movie? ok? set? go

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