Tuesday, August 3, 2004

1 is the magic number

ignorance is bliss, yes. but not for long.

i guess sometimes the most impatient ppl need to learn to be patient. after all, patience is a virtue.

millions of lives could have been saved if ppl knew the importance of communication and compromisation. i guess my turn is next.

maybe things just do not work if you ask ppl to change. sometimes you just have to do it yourself. after all, 1 is the magic number.

do or do not. there is no try. thanks you weirdly wise green thing.

some things are insanely harsh but in the purest form of truth. i think its time for me to swallow the truth and change for the better.

because you are worth all of this. because you have given so much. because i want to.

(at least 4 cliches in one post, i must be joking me)

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