Thursday, August 19, 2004

breathing on the solo

i miscalculated. it seems that today ive miscalculated a couple of times. so im the one who cant do the math. when it comes to an equation, i simply divide the other factors to equate to only one, that is me.

so with an imbalanced equation, i clouded the science on my side with too many brackets. and in an event where another half persists, the other half cannot make a wholly whole.

and that of course, is only a fraction of two halves.

yes, i remember. yes, i still believe. but i didnt satisfy the 15 minutes requirement.
my apologies, love.


tmw, i will have to find a "buddy" to come teach me how to do the job.
monday comes verbal unfair one-sided full of ammo battlefield. they said to spill guts out before entrance/ log in.
im tensed about the intensity involved. i can feel myself decelerate at such high velocity.
on a rollercoaster and back, my sentiments on my 9 to 5 remains a complete whirlwind.
ingredients like security, money, politics, prospects all in a span of 2 months.
as it has been cliched, the cliche suggested the next thing you know it will be over.
it still aint over.

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