Wednesday, August 4, 2004


its difficult to suddenly not have you around
simple decisions turn into such complications
we take the things closest to us for granted
some time apart is always good to grasp again what it should mean to you
i am scared, afraid, terrified of everything
you sugarcoated what it was
now things are only how it could have been
and it shouldnt be that way
i want to believe i can deal with this
but i hate everyone else
i hate everything else
i hate even myself
yes im a coward
taking form of a person you had want me be
truth be told, none of you matter to me
none of your thoughts, none of your decisions, none of your judgements
not because im better than you
you can be whoever you want
a higher power, the most intellectual fuck or the fake facade to go with your social mirage
just dont be a friend
dont care, dont listen, dont understand
dont try
bcos no, i dont believe in friendship.
friendship was doomed on the first storm
but i do believe in love
in upholding everything about it
your absence makes wanting to uphold these promises even higher
somewhere friendship could never have reached
i wasnt made for friendship
if you think im talking about you, youre prolly right
never tempt a person who has got nothing to lose
a person is most strong and fucked up when he has nothing to lose
because incorrigible bastards make mistakes more than twice

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