Sunday, August 15, 2004

something old, something new

dan's bday was on the 14th. i havent seen him in a long time. with two reasons to meet, it became rather convenient for me.

went to jb last night. had supper at a place called anjung warisan. it has a nice ambience. the concept was basically eating amongst trees, like in a treehouse. since ppl do not build treehouses in singapore for some reason, it became a nice experience. the food there is delicious. i havent had good food in a long time i must say.

purchased a dvd. the movie is entitled American Splendor. The movie sypnosis looked rather interesting. shall watch it on an upcoming weekday.

i really like movies. anything old, anything good, anything obscure makes my day.

met izaril for dinner a few hours ago. that lucky devil bought himself a leia organa and obiwan kenobi unleashed toy figures. hes been buying toys alot these days. last week, we bought morpheous from matrix. that was a good buy. the last last week, we bought kill bill's beatrix kiddo and go-go.

i havent shopped in 3 weeks at least. it feels like a long time. as i am typing this, i just realized that a part of my short term bankruptcy is partly due to izarils toys. next month will be all about me. anyway, the lil boy only does shopping like once in 6 mths. he deserves it man.

i have a test tmw for that csr job. goodness, ive finished sch and im still studying. but its all good, i hope.

so til then suckers.

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