Saturday, September 18, 2004

come, take this higher.

stomach upset
even the tummy has its own mood swings.

im different from the normal girl. im loud. im crazy. i smile. im unique. im different

how indifferent. arent you. arent we all. bah.

listening to higher by the cardigans. sweet nina and gorgeous voice. gorgeous is a slightly misused adjective for a voice, you think?

come to think of it, i think mr pelzer writes fabrics. fabricated bullshit. bcos he coulda raised awareness using fiction but he didnt. i know that what he writes is a reality to some, but we're talking about eating shit from a baby's diapers, sleeping with newspapers as a substitute for a blanket. cmmon. but well, his hope sounded real, kudos to that.

i cant stand rich stuck up ppl.
i had this one customer who asked for an available flight to washington dc on a particular date and the thing is we do not have available seats on that day. and this customer with a fucked up perspective of customer service decided that i should find an available flight for him to anywhere in the states. what the fuck do you take me for, im part of a frequent flyer programme i.e. redemption flight on capacity controlled seats, not your travel agent. cheapskate. the flight is free for you, what more do you want. jerkoff.

got my minimum wage midweek. minimum wage and you expect maximum commitment, now you even ransack my dreams. waking life makes sense

you are like a song
sometimes i like you, sometimes i dont
sometimes i put you on repeat
but most times, i prefer a silent beat

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