Saturday, September 11, 2004

guns and roses

i think domestic partnerships are absolutely brilliant ideas.
foot my bill. i'll bear your child, love him cos hes my own, grow old, die an old neurotic woman
it may not be the happiest arrangement but hey practical is more than good.

lighter note, finished the lost boy
simple account of a foster child
sincere, honest and hopeful

his hope intrigues me
i hoped, was defeated and hoped again
repeat the cycle
its not that easy to kill hope
hope, like its creator, is incorrigible

is it really that simple

well drowning yourself in somebodys pool of thoughts
is always some kind of remedy to suffocate your own emotions
the beauty of a book
im a convert. and back.

we've made time a strict condition to everything
most times, we're rushing for time
by the minute, by the hour
was this what destiny had planned for me all along
destiny figures everything out but her own

it has come to my attention that i dont need the pieces
the traces you left behind
not because im against it
but everyday, i carry it with me
and sometimes it gets heavy
it makes sense for you keep the pieces
then you might understand half the state im in
and in your perfect state of being now
you might remember
because i remember
remember just because.
and now, i need to temporarily forget

you cant always have things your way
but who really wanted this

hey. its saturday
lets hope i meet a buncha clowns today
who make the most irrelevant things one of the most significant so far
i say thank you
i dno half the deal any of you clowns go through
vice versa
but we dont need to
just because.
thats why i love you

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Anonymous said...

my baby shot me down