Thursday, September 23, 2004


the void was mistakenly declared with an occupant. its only occupant was really just space, totally vacant.

perhaps it really was about the issue of being vacant. unknowingly, vacant is still an occupant despite common belief.that leaves the void occupied; with no void to begin with.

and thats how the story is with being whole. we were never halves. so, you are not the other half that makes me whole.

with all the catastrophe that resulted from the incomings and outgoings of tenants, serenity was a place often yearned that remained non-existent at home. solitude however, was most times out of the question, because what is a house for only one.

a few tenants stayed on a while. but one tenant stayed too long, even the walls became concrete evidence of his presence. echoes of their misery hid under hairline cracks, breaking them slightly in between.

little things turned into everyday chores. what was once a reason to smile was now a heavy burden. the room was too occupied with unnecessities, too many words, too many contradicting feelings, too much irony. the next thing about to hit the room was silence, and that was the future place to be.

the landlord can break down the walls and build on an entirely new foundation, but whats the point. it would never stand half as strong as the first wall that breathed every different emotion.
how did a home so well-furnished turned into permanent storm.

who is the landlord? would it have made any difference.

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