Friday, September 24, 2004

universal feeling

its raining and im accompanied with my dosage of nicotine and good music. what could be better.
i know many that enjoy the same.

i think i need some good shopping. squandering money on things i dont need, its all good rite.

im bored. its a universal feeling, the most universal feeling.

when im older and have enough cash, i want to stay in an old retirement village like canada. i want to be good friends with nature, but not animals. partly bcos im afraid of anything thats not human. im such a typical overly-disgusted, girl.

normally, on a day like this, i'd be having a movie marathon to keep me occupied. i honestly enjoy it. but for some reason, stupid bittorrent wont work and the overrated kazaa does not have the sources i need. and that, leaves me with nothing to begin with.

i always hope to maintain ties with ppl i choose to keep in life, but most times, i just do not have the energy for that. prolly due to my lack of principle in priorities. i should really make time to nurture all these.

im really just typing nonsense.

tomorrow is just another day, when i let the sunshine meet my conscience.

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