Friday, October 15, 2004

another figment of your imagination

its the fasting month.

found a new job, not all psyched about it, but its a job. im not complaining. but i will complain about the fact that i spent 500 bucks in the last 2 days and got nothing satisfactory out of it.

boo i cant curse hoo

my minds been everywhere these days. things are not awful, theyre not awesome as well. i feel very light, too light, in mid-air and not falling.

ive always like the feeling of falling. if youre half as close as you think you are to me, i would have told you that by now. its great to be not moving, but moving. if you know what i mean.

i caught exorcist the new beginning and it was a bad movie. a good movie leaves you mind-boggled or emotionally moved. this movie did none of those. so dont watch it.

sometimes, some things need some changes because it makes some sense if you paid some attention. while i cannot fathom as to why you have chosen to make such huge statements on such little occasions, you cannot fathom change.

change, my friend, takes time and effort. if you havent change, i'll tell you straight to your face that you havent. if you did one thing right, and nine others wrong, you do not expect me to acknowledge that as change. so no, you havent changed one bit. but it seems youre happy with your state of being, so be it. it takes more to penetrate into your concrete behaviour. but since youre happy, thats really great for you. at least i know your bullshit is permanent, mandatory. all the best.

but i'll save the drama for the build me up break me down routine.

it saddens me, yes it does. but ive done a great deal of swallowing your bullshit, whats one more sip.

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