Sunday, October 17, 2004

good riddance

yes, the entire world is a graveyard.

contemplation is really a bitch. you are a bitch.

question the reasons to your every action. valid or not, the reason is yours. short term memory is not a bad idea. recall the fundamentals and all else doesnt even get to make history.

cannot fathom this contemporary bullshit.

life is too fucking complicated. and this is becoming a complication. and what do we do with complications? we eliminate them.

the root of this turmoil evolved from your very existence, so disappear. derailed on an absolute path of your lies.

were you successful in deluding yourself into some kind of distorted reality that exists only as a figment of your imagination.

are you satisfied with your acts on impulse. did they come with desirable consequences. if it did, pls provide me a prescription.

the chances forsaken allowed clear misuse in a series of abused judgements of unfair tribulations.

now what exactly is your reason.

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