Wednesday, October 27, 2004

intentionally unintended

you could be my unintended
choice to live my life extended
you could be the one ill always love
but youre not

cause ive weighted the seriousness to those words
and ive intentionally not chose you
for today, tomorrow and the rest of time
because too much, is too much.

i deafened the truth when i heard your lies
but today i listened to what did not fit the equation
now it makes a difference because ive paid attention
u left me a reason too big for comprehension
so today i'll reprehend
i choose sight
the fact from your fiction is beyond borders of the naked vision
on which season did you find a reason explanable to your actions
ive heard one too many and seen too much more
and although this hurts
i incite brighter days
what i once gave you, you chose to throw away
you cast a curse beneath my feet the moment you entered
pls do not stay

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