Wednesday, October 20, 2004

not yet twenty

(im hungry, thirsty and sleepy)

theres something about work that tends to bring out such (un)desirable human conditions.

i will be undergoing 2 weeks of training. the pay here is better than the last job. so at least thats definirely desirable. i fell asleep in class today.

i had a weird morning. i woke up but couldnt move for like 10 minutes and of cos i panicked. scary!

i met this girl who is 26 years old and im really impressed with her simple-mindedness. she has a little baby girl and is happily married. she is by far, the most modest person i have ever met.

maybe the problem is that we tend to be too competent. we should just be, then we'll be happier

my colleagues want to play jenga! it will be fun.

oh the lounge at my workplace is damn impressive, it looks like this spacious condo with all the gadgets you would want in a house.

1 comment:

Linda NJ said...

Wahhhh.. I jealous lor..
Someone got new job..
looks gooood. =)