Thursday, October 21, 2004

sippin on no syrup

luck is playing tricks again. once again, i have been deceived.

i was late for work and had to pay for cab and i actually woke up damn early but when faced with unforseen circumstances, all the more the rarely seen would be seen.

im supposed to be having lunch now, but im really just stoning. from much experience, i have learnt that stoning is a very tiring process, involves no energy but its all so dehydrating. yes. i am complaining.

everyone else is eating right now. training today was much better. i feel very stupid for making such careless mistakes, i should beat myself up. should we be given the right to be stupid and do nothing about it.

i cant log on msn at work. but its not like i talk much on it, i like to be on it. but i should think thats not weird, because everyone else is doing it. so once again, thank you normalcy and thank you india!

find something else to do now. tootheloo

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