Tuesday, November 30, 2004

baby, its cold outside

i cant be more arsed bout having to go to work today. i was on leave yesterday and no work has always been good. but time, being the promising bastard that he is, had to bring forward tuesday.

my weekend was as hectic as i expected. i had a crash course of kl on saturday. i was sooo uncomfortable, i changed clothes 3 times within the short time i was there. there was spposed to be this gig there, but that didnt work out. so, off we went to do some sole-searching but still, to no avail. i met two ogres from kl too.

sunday morning, i finally had my long-craved-for mcdonalds breakfast. ive had those sausage mcmuffins the entire time i was in sch, and im telling you, its just not the same without it. when i got back home, i slept like a pig (like, whats new). i woke up to my cousins voices. grandma is ard for a few days and she needs company in my empty apartment, so this part the little devils come in.

monday marked my fourth year anniversary with izaril. we did what we did last year. we're soo boring and i have a heavy feeling that age is really catching up on us. oh, but this year we decided to build a house in a white box. its a really cute idea xept when it comes to execution, not so good. the house is still very empty, and i doubt it would look very much different next year, 29th. thank you mister man for everything. hope to see you again next year and many years after that :)

and that was my extended weekend which has led to today's very solemn atmosphere.

i have work to do, i think. im usually a very efficient person. believe me. my malay genetics has gotten to me, and i feel very malay today. we all know what that accounts for.

its 10.11am according to my desktop. which also means another 7 hours to5.30pm. and why exactly do you refer it to as 9 to 5 when it starts earlier and ends later. my back has been killing me. i think i need a months leave.

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