Saturday, December 11, 2004

i dont expect you to understand

i would have never dared to envision, dream, hope on you. and its really not a cause for concern because i have been assured of this somewhat too routinal too often childish desires.

i bet the head of the sun agrees with me. as big and as mighty that could mean, this really shouldnt mean anything. it isnt even intangible, it is in fact non-existent.

it is straight up downright immoral, without a doubt, the purest form of ugliness i have ever seen. but you wouldnt know, you look but dont how last night i had you tell me what "listening" meant to you; taking orders. yes, no one else can capture the gist of that word like you can. no one else but you.

i know how you love to read this and think its about you. it is, it is. it gives you some kind of a short-term ego boost so that you can still screamin your pants (every pun intended). an uncanny resemblance to someone i used to know, now i dont. and my only reason for no regret is so i dont encounter another one of your genetically engineered to be a bastard, if i met one, i would know. and i have to admit, i was being too foolishly simple-minded.

is there some kind of hidden agenda that i really should know about. there better be, because if its really what you say it is, it is so unbearably stupid. and that should be your cause for concern. u call this bullshit. this is practical bullshit, at least it has apurpose. i wonder about your purpose. whats not practical is your five-finger treatment.

havent heard from linda in a while. wonder how shes getting along. read her blog, apparently not doing so good either. the last time she msged me i was in northpoint and not having the best time of my life. i really want to catch up and all. i really want to hear whats new. its pathetic when u try to maintain a friendship by reading a blog. it really is.i hope youre doing fine. i havent seen you in months. call me if you need me.

i am always here (maybe thats the problem)

when give someone something, u really cant expect anything back. if you do, all you will end up to be is disappointed.

why give and be disappointed. take and be happy.

be an ingrate. its better for your health.

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