Tuesday, January 4, 2005

peering into the eyes of my reflection

hello everybody.

i turned 20 recently. i know its selfish and very unjustified to say that age is catching up with me. but me, being me, i shall be ignorant and think only of thyself. today,

someone fell down the stairs, i didnt even laugh. the other day marked 2005, i was determined to get home at 2359 when a bunch of friends are enjoying good music and a good crowd. i rush to work everyday as if i live by the minute. im too tired to contact anyone other than just a few ppl, the only time i come to life is saturday. i count the number of days i have to work and i already planned my leave. i am that boring. i get temporary satisfaction by burning a hole in my pocket from too much retail therapy.


yet, this is the norm.

i have been regulated.

i turn into a worry wart for about an hour and then i go to sleep. i am scripted and very predictable.

now i am either going to listen to some big-worded-underground rapper to feel his pain or get some billie holiday to get me in a daze and believe all is beautiful.

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