Wednesday, March 30, 2005

hit the road, jack

aside from being extremely sleepy and even a bit fidgety, i am undergoing a duller side of boredom due to the lack of things to do at work.
finally watched ray, the show that i had highly anticipated only to my disappointment. so yeah, jazz stars sleep ard, have many mistresses, definite junkie and claims to love family. i just like it sugarcoated. but of cos, truth had to expose the opposition between money/fame and pride/dignity. and everyone knows that no two mix well to still be able to produce something still purified. aside from that, hes really a great singer, someone who ventured genres and went slightly against conventional just bcos somebody had to do it. this i like and definitely agree. but i have much respect that they chose to portray much of the truth. so, kudos to that. how i feel about ray is really a contradiction.
it is again that time of the month, i feel weak already.
yesterday, i went to a pasar malam in hope of discovering the best otah-otahs, ramly burgers and keropok lekors. it was so upsetting man. the otahs tasted weird, the ramly burger were imitations and the keropok lekorswere so hard, i could have chipped a tooth. no good stuff. but the goodthing about yesterday was that it rained. and i spent an entire hour paying respect to the bed. so, good stuff there. more happy stuff to come.
i am scheduled to meet the boy in town later to get a hot pink and money, we are very seperable and im not too happy about it. i saw the pink hottie on saturday and was still thinking about it on sunday, soits fate i know. actually its not really that gorgeous, but its practical, so that good enough for me. i cant believe i just babbled a paragraph about it. babbling on........
someone i used to know is extremely unhappy and i know too well a few reasons for his state of emergency at the current moment. it is damn well making me a happy person. another person's failure, is another person's prized possession. with such clarity when it comes to intention, you let it slip, so yours truly-one, opponent-zero.

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