Thursday, June 30, 2005

el manana

ahah, and i am resurrected.

i am beat. seriously beat. workin and maintaining a social life as well family is tricky. i am trying to find a balance.

so other than being a juggler of many un/necessary relationships, i have serious problems with my peecee. its like we're on different frequencies. i expect it to connect, it re-starts. the usb connection is fucked, so is the firewire. basically any kind of external hardware is useless on this stewpid peecee. i feel so fucked.

i am in deep contemplation of getting a laptop. but my pocket doesnt run that deep. so, no point dreaming of a non-reality there.

i finally had a girls night out clubbing. it was fun but not all that pretty. anything that comes after tipsy should go right into the secret dungeon. but, it was fun.

what is the deal with ppl who owns an ipod and flashes it like EVERYWHERE. i.e. friendster, blogs.. u name it. come-fuccen-on!

baybeats is in 2 weeks, if im not mistaken.

poetic license is coming soon.

and best of all, screenings of short cuts at cineleisure.

oh the joy!

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