Sunday, July 3, 2005

more than ever people

dropped by urban infest on saturday. b-quartet was damn dope. they sounded very much like muse or radiohead. theres this thing about performers when you can tell whether theyre really passionate about what they do. these ppl are. the fusion of passion, melodramatic whines, the laptop and what-have-you is beautiful.

met the bunch for a bit. missed them a lot. looking forward to next week for more.

we were looking for a quiet place to chill and ended up at comcentre.

another lazy sunday. i feel gloomy at the thought of sunday. but its not bad gloomy. sundays are serene. sundays are days of solitude. sundays are days where everyone else becomes a stranger.

my sunday routine is simple. get up at abt 2pm, eat lunch, watch tv, get on the internet, watch tv again, be quiet, sleep again, hope time defies destiny so that monday never comes. hmm, my definition of serenity or solitude is so screwed, isnt it.

a part of me hates knowing what will happen tmw or rather the whole of next week. yes, of cos, there will be a few surprises. but i know what time i'll wake up. what time i'll have to get back home etc. everything is so predictable. i cant help wishing that was more to this.

its not that i am unhappy or uncontented. but the idea of a tomorrow is only hours away and barely any different from today.

off to procrastinate a bit and fall asleep abiding the few hours to tomorrow.

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Linda NJ said...

it was great seeing u on fri, altho it was for a split second.

i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. =)