Sunday, September 11, 2005


jenny received a call from pete, "jen, where are you? lets go for tea." jen hadnt seen pete for several months. they were once close friends but time have made them distant. jenny and pete were indeed worlds apart.

abridging the gap was pete's car. jenny settled besides the driver seat and began to meddle with the radio tuner. a bossanova track full of saxophones was playing. pete raised an eyebrow and said "music for the rich kids". jenny half-agreed and sat quietly.

pete suddenly started ranting on how un-motivated he is to live in todays world. jenny wasn't any much comfortable in that department. nonetheless, she said it will be all good. she knew that she had partly lied. truth be told jenny was yearning for a salvation. at the rate of which she is falling, it would take more than a messiah to save her.

jenny conformed the night with a stick of cigarettes and a cup of tea. amidst the noise, jenny felt so alone. longing for something is often tiring. she knew pete would not have seen such symptoms. how does a whirlwind pass by a person so easily unnoticed. we look but do not see.

jenny churned out a few laughs. gradually the night ended. they shared a last stick of cigarette. pete made haste on his way home.

then again, jenny walked home alone.

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