Sunday, September 11, 2005

strange and beautiful

once again, it is a quiet sunday.

it is about to rain, the thunders have declared such evidence.

i was at the airport yesterday sending off that someone who will be absent for 2 weeks. it is rather peculiar the emotions ppl portray at the airport, if only relationships were based on such...

i have been feeling under the weather. furthermore to commemorating that statement is the literal rain. im down with a runny nose, fever and cough. not exactly in the highest of spirits either.

oftentimes i wish i was a much stronger person. it is easy to fall apart on weak foundation. i am an addict who wishes for detachment and silently craves for independence. a mere psychobabbler.

i caught be with me on friday. it was a typical local independent movie. of course, i liked it.

i shall spend whats left of my sunday on sending resumes and watching the simpsons. it has been two rainy sundays.

a good movie would have complete me on a sunday.

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