Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the importance of being idle


feels like i havent done this in a while. better get to some proper point taking agenda soon. bah!

i had dinner with the boys last saturday. the food was good but it wasnt enough. sheesha later and i got really tired. slept like a pig and woke up to not so fresh air. the wonderful thing about waking up in the morning is the smell of the air at that time. its almost the only good reason to wake up early.

the crimson river is the reason of late for my lack of fasting.

i dont have a book to read and im getting bored fast. sure, i have google and wikipedia but i need some storiessss man.

i have got to buck up for raya. i need to get me some neat clothes and ive been running outta luck. lets hope i dont run out of time.

what to do to kill time.

i am on 2 days mc, today being the second day. tomorrow, the usual again.
man, i hate routines. bitterweet symphony eh? i am a million different ppl from one day to the next

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