Wednesday, October 5, 2005

noisy cullum

it is the beginning of a new month.

the x'scapists had 2 shows which has made evident that they were better on tracks off stage.

quidam is extended till 15 oct which means i can go cos its after pay day.

i recently signed the 3 years contract. its like being married for another 3 yrs and then a see-how.

he is back from thailand and surely his past comes back with his presence. the irony of it all.

if you get mos 2005, you get an entry for 2 to mos which is opening year-end. ahah, lets all get it then. this should be fun. but any thoughts of this should cease for this good month.

i like hari raya. its a good occasion that makes you meet your entire family including your cute annoying cousins.

that should be all for now.

too young to hold on, too old be break free and run. sometimes a man must wake to find that really he has no one.
lover, you should have come over.

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