Sunday, December 4, 2005

i miss you

on saturday, i went to the suburbs of malaysia, back to the kampong days.

it was a packed and pleasant journey although i was sleeping about half the time. imagine fitting 10 in an 8-seater, it aint all pretty. we reached our destination at about 1200 hours, military style.

frankly, i havent been to kampong for almost 8 years, nearing a decade. in all things inevitable, i met old relatives whom have been long forgotten. the experience was rather peculiar but the older generation from my side, they were pretty much having a party. us kids which includes 2 naughty ten year old boys, a teenage boy, a girl and myself had our own little fun. kampong food also tasted different but nice. an ode to food again. while the elder generation did their catching up, we did catching.

after we were done there, we went to another kampong house and got bored there. so we went off to this shopping complex that was pretty much in ruins. we had ice-cream and it wasnt good. the ice-cream was not at all creamy and it was mostly in clutters. how the hell does ice-cream get cluttered man.

afterwhich, we went off to kempas to visit an uncle who has 5 daughters and a son. they werent exactly well to do but they looked like happy people, so its all good there. it was a joy to meet these new cousins of mine. they were so friendly and so tiny. two of the youngest, i cannot keep my hands off. and i dont even like kids. they were so much fun. if time was a controllable factor, im sure all things will flourish. but lifes like that.

yesterday, i learnt a few things on my teenage boy cousin. i really admire him and the person he is becoming. he is in his first year in polytechnic, hardly gets pocket money and makes it on his own by sacrificing weekends on part-time jobs. he is a smart boy on paper with A's and distinctions. i am indeed proud of him. amidst all odds, im sure he will be a remarkable man one day. i only wished that i had been of more help.

it was in all a good day

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