Friday, December 30, 2005

i want to be famous

actually, i really dont. i want simplicity. my modus operandi.

i caught the movie "i want to be famous". aaaaaah, audrey tautou, she is so wonderfully weird and such a cute face. da vinci code will be out come may 2006, i think. it stars the ever-talented tom hanks and the beautiful audrey tautou. i hope its as good as it sounds. the book was a fantastic read, really. robert langdon is my symbolic hero, hehe. im on to his third book "digital fortress".

i am 21 years 1 day old! i dont have to borrow another person's ic to watch sin city.

the eve of my birthday was spent at ministry of sound. i love that place. everyone must go. the next day,i had dinner at fish and co and spent the night with a bunch of idiots. s'all good.

oasis and franz ferdinand in february. nothing but excitement on my kneecaps. yeeeap.

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