Sunday, January 1, 2006


i do not have resolutions. and its not because im trying to be different. i used to have resolutions but i didnt stick by them and i dont think i need a calender year to mark change.

i have decided to go back to school on a part-time basis to pursue a degree in business studies. so thats new for 2006. textbook musings, burning midnight oil, cramming work, school, friends and family....... little chances of success. what am i waiting for.

i came across some of my writings about 3 years ago and i feel like im an entirely different person from whom i used to be back then. i was drowning myself with mindless musings and searching for a sole purpose. i cant say that ive found it yet but time has turned my direction. i am not able to fathom this fully. i do realize im not meant to.

what are we chasing for?

think lighter, brighter side.

there is a times warehouse sale going on at singapore expo right this very moment. book sale! how fun! musings musings.

i made 4 bids on ebay about two days ago, all on books. i have burnt a big hole in my pocket already. why is it that every single thing looks so good with a reduced price tag. remorse comes later, people never learn. i am that people.

i spent the first hour of my 2006 spraying foam and confettis in people's faces, hair and whatnots. i told you i was going to conquer the world. it helps being hopeful, yessss!

i still want to travel the world. i still want to come home at the end of the day. i still want to collect monuments all over. and it shouldnt hurt a girl to do a little shopping at the same time, right? geeesus

frankly, it feels like one of those days whereby it hits you that your life is without a substantial purpose. the emptiness of that void could feel like an abyss. we cover it up everyday by keeping ourselves busy, solving problems and making problems. all this in search of something bigger than ourselves. it moves us. it stops us. its everywhere. its the very force that led you to who you are today.

and thats today. god knows whats in store tomorrow.

so long and good night.

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