Sunday, May 21, 2006

a chunk of text

i have written many pages of notes on tonnes of foolscap in the attempt to grasp some of it into this impenetrable brain of mine.

well, it didnt work.

exams are so near. i have such little time left. i. i. i feel like breaking down. the pressure of letting my mom down and the amount of $4000 being paid for this semester is causing an immense amount of obligation that i should pass, if not with flying colours.

i would dream of passing with a first class honours, but that is for me to be too ambitious and unrealistic.

photographic memory would come in handy right about now.

i have less than 2 weeks left and much more for this finite brain of mine to digest. why is it that we only utilize such little percentage of our brain capacity. how inefficient.

i really want to break down now.

i dont want to go to work anymore because it consumes way too much time that could have been used for studying. i hate work.

why of all things inevitable must monday come.

a standstill. a time freeze. that is just what i need.
please god please.
i promise i'll be good.

i am at the edge of my sanity, as it already is.

let chickens fly like birds do.

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