Friday, May 26, 2006

note to self

this will sound abit mental...

my dear girl,

i understand that you are naturally an emotional disaster. i would like for you to consider the following reasons as to why you should clean up your act this time around and adopt ways to whatever:

1. exams are in less than a week. time is a critical factor and it is not in your favour. with the little time left, you have to do the best you can. do not waste your time on the little sweet and sick luxuries that you have been having too much of.

2. do not lose your head. dont let your emotions get you. learn to forgive, then be passive. adopt that nonchalant attitude that you have trained yourself countless times.

3. nobody wants to lose 4k and fail.

4. despite your laziness, i think you do have some unrealized potential.

5. you do not want to let down your mom. this is very important.

6. even when time is against you, in time, time will be a blessing.

7. learn to let go. i know you will learn. someday.

8. remember, sunshine.

now, hit the books.

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