Tuesday, June 6, 2006

the final hour

so it has come to this. the exams are in less than 24 hours. i have to digest the industrial systems of both uk and singapore.

and it isnt exactly a small amount of information.

i even dream about unions before i go to bed. and the government. and flexible firms. and unitarism, pluralism, radicals and social partnership. and of course, tripartism.

and i still do not know enough.

i want this be over badly.

with the little time left, i have to do this.

i think, i think dead thoughts.

we had a group meeting earlier. very intimidating. very very intimidating when you still dont know shit.

how was i to be a political genius within such a short span of time.

i hope, hope that i have his blessings on this one. i need it badly.

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