Sunday, June 11, 2006

move along

yay! exams are finished!

and i went back to work on friday after almost 2 weeks of leave.

tomorrow i have to go to work again. dreadful mondays!

yesterday was spent at plaza singapura where we found the most delicious tako pachi ever. then dinner was at blend in cafe. then, we played carrom(?!) and taboo at mind cafe. shoooo fun!

then we decided to proceed to cineleisure. there, we went to e-max and caught fun with dick and jane. that place is uber cool tau. you can watch movies, play pc games, surf the net, play xbox. how fun!

we wrapped up at about 4am.

menjadi-jadi konon lah dah abis exams..

i caught benchwarmers and shes the man. that guy from napolean dynamite is kinda cute.... i think. benchwarmers was funny! but i enjoyed napolean dynamite more.

shes the man was a typical high school show and it actually felt refreshing to watch one after so long. despite the indifferent storylines and what have yous, it does make you feel good after you watch it.

benny benassi on the 17th!
mogwai on the 1st of august!

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