Friday, July 21, 2006

glocally lost

culture reeked of "the yesterday" and our fore-fathers
trangressed like sands through the hourglass
and the powers to be did their propaganda properly
we conformed, we accepted and they succeeded.

modernisation made us forget our roots
identities were lost and stolen
spirituality was a term that was broken
technology forced us to metamorph into sleepwalkers

seven digits and a letter later
we lost the building blocks
castles cannot be build upon weak foundation
the sky will and shall fall

they made a new order the other day
the world was on their menu
with an eye, you shall not be forsaken
but i chose to see with both eyes

it spreaded like a viral disease
i shivered from the familiar feeling
i had problems comprehending such regularities
everyday i question, "is this it?"

slowly my faith ran out of gas
as time passed, i had moved along
faith was something that was hardly heard of
it became a distant dream where hope was merely longing

it left me with instilled ambitions in a world of pretence
ignorance is bliss but i need to live and not just exist
this is the common sagregation for our common population
we need an uncommon relief to rejuvenate our beliefs

let us march forth for a reason in their absolute treason
we played dead for decades
let us resurrect and break these invisible bars
hopeful embraces, we can break this cages, phases by phases

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