Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Once upon a non-fictional story, Redemption lived while many others merely exist. The Others seeked for intelligence which came with complication while Redemption seeked for utmost simplicity which involved mere happiness in the little things.

The Others were quick to be a judge of whom and who was smart and stupid. As the Others believed that they were of better calibre compared to indifferent inviduals, they had high expectations of people they might consider to be friends. Redemption realized that Arrogant had been a successful opinion leader in the eyes of the Others. The Others wanted to be different and there so many that it became indifferent.

Redemption fought for truth and sincerity. The Others fought for realization and believed that the rest were oblivious.

Simpletons amazed Redemption. It seemed impossible for simpletons to exist in a world with advancing technology and uniformity that conformed to the powers-to-be. These were the few causes that led to a new order; the world. A man cannot exist without complications and problems. If a simpleton truly existed, the world would have been proven to be less robust. If there was one, tomorrow there will be many. This was the math that made simple sense.

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