Wednesday, August 9, 2006

the world in monochrome

Colours made an invasion to the world today. The world stood like a photobooth. Colours spun circles which revolved on an axis mightier than pen and swords. This was the power of sight.

The world in monochrome became a harsh reality with the complications that colours had presented along with its co-existence. Monochrome was fact and colours were fiction. They clashed like the titans and spoke in ancient languages which few understood. Men made interpretations but ceased to understand its entirety.

A balance was an idealistic point of view. Men lived on extremities; an edge. The world turned into a catastrophic state. No ideas were new or original. Everything was borrowed from somebody else's reality.

Walls were paperthin and secrets were never kept safe. Four walls had ears and was keeping secrets safe like a bunch of teenage girls.

She closed her eyes and met Black. She knew it didnt matter anymore.

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