Friday, September 1, 2006

awakening dreams

it seems as near as a breath. the next moment, i shall live in still images and in wonders of those who continue to exist. in pitch dark and in no search of any refulgent light, i shall forsake myself.

say to me what you kept in murmurs for so long for a moment later it shall fall on deaf ears. in awakening nights, sleep tight for i shall remember you.

oh sweet melancholy, i taste your bitter emotions. you were swept through tides of time. we know how you landed here in such stormy weather. it was after all a good ride.

i closed my windows tonight and dream of vultures who will soon pay a visit. i shall smile at them while they devour flesh, blood and whats left in this void of a body.

i hope to see you soon, cousin. i shall await you in the flickering light. together, hope shall relinquish.

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