Tuesday, September 19, 2006

if i fall

it seems more difficult everyday
every step becomes a little harder
its like i wasn't meant for such heavy lifting
what do you do when your faith no longer tells you to hold on
when skies once blue turn grey upon sight
long nights, i play with shadows
that screams of secrets
of which im sure you will slowly learn
slowly learn that i shall falter
what happened to the dreams in which i sang songs and danced happy dances
could we do that again
it was like you were a few breaths away
and i was standing still
wondering what it was like to be you
would i ever feel the sweet embrace that life has once taught me
sadly, i miss you
and i yearn for you to exist once again
for you will be my salvation
for you are whom i'll seek when darkness seeps into my world
for when i play in puddles
you await in silence
for you and i, we co-exist.

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