Thursday, September 7, 2006

misery loves company

i feel fatigue.

my river of energy is going through a drought and i suspect that my neck is going soft on me that my head might fall off. im tired of chasing time, meeting deadlines, sitting through painful endless lectures and pretending that i really want this for myself when i am completely clueless.

my void of a body continues to be instructed by these blurred intentions and it doesnt help at all that i am being seconded to meet and greet customers with a smile. furthermore, i have to pretend like i care about their melodramatic stories. the bottomline is that if you won't help yourself, i can't help you. that is the reality of the world which these customers fail to understand.

i wish i had a standstill and could freeze time in its entirety for just a moment. i think i'm about to fall sick if i don't take time to heal. i feel so tired. i feel. i feel the burden of time.

for now, i shall continue to play dead.

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