Sunday, October 15, 2006

100 random things

1. I am a happy girl.

2. I am very emotional.

3. I get easily excited over simple things and I'm not ashamed of it.

4. I am very sensitive and fragile. All you have to do is make one insensitive comment and I'll ponder it for several years.

5. I am not a deep thinker.

6. I am impulsive.

7. I have bad shopping habits that do not match my salary.

8. I am very lazy and everything I touch turns into an instant mess.

9. I love easily.

10. I hate easily too.

11. I am judgemental although I try not to be.

12. I am not ambitious.

13. As a dictator, I would build the world cottages and have people dance around in circles with hoops on their hips, playing board games and rolling down hills. The world would be my playground and we can play in mud and grasses all the day.

14. I like circuses because they make me feel like life can be so out of the ordinary. Given an option, I would gladly join a circus as a petite clown whose name is Nancy.

15. I don't drink coffee.

16. I drink tea without milk. My favourite tea is earl grey.

17. I don't really care about money unless I'm short of it.

18. I think Lauryn Hill is the most beautiful black girl I know who is as beautiful as she is talented. I absolutely adore and respect her.

19. I like buying books.

20. Of course, I like reading books too.

21. I think bookshelves are smart and sexy.

22. I am a movie buff.

23. I watch the simpsons and malcolm in the middle every sunday.

24. I am an avid fan of gilmore girls and I download it every single week. Usually, on fridays.

25. My favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character is Chandler Bing-a-ling-a-ling. Phoebe comes in second.

26. I am a closet minah.

27. I like to jump and skip when I'm happy.

28. Sometimes, I forget that I'm close to 22 years old because I behave like a 2 year old.

29. I am a smoker.

30. I am an agnostic.

31. I sold hope to the man who was without hands and was shaking his head in an effort to beg for some money.

32. I can't cook.

33. I sometimes worry about whether anyone would marry me for the little domestic skills I have.

34. I can't cook but I can entertain!

35. I laugh heartily.

36. I am painfully shy. I take quite a while to warm up to people.

37. My version of fun can sometimes account to some as childish or immature. I would agree to childlike but I would question the maturity bit. You can be 50 and still be immature.

38. I like discounted price tags.

39. My favourite colour is green.

40. I smell like Victoria's Secret Romantic Wish.

41. I want to smell like Anna Sui's Dreams or Gucci II. Alot of people do not like it.

42. I like food meaty and chunky.

43. I hate most fruits but I like durians.

44. Poetry Slams are the illest shit.

45. I would elope with Adam Sandler or Adam Brody in an instance.

46. I don't really like children.

47. I think any relationship that lasts has to be platonic. Hence, domestic partnership is a fucking cool idea.

48. As of now, I am hungry because I didn't have lunch.

49. No, I am not on a diet and have never been. Neither am I anorexic or bullimic.

50. I had a bad day today and I felt like such a fool. I still feel foolish now.

51. I am alone in the office at 1947 hours. I get off work at 1800 hours.

52. I'm not staying because I'm overloaded with work. I'm staying because I'm waiting for someone and I can't bear to witness any kind of hustle and bustle that Orchard might have to offer.

53. I have an interview this Wednesday but I'd have to skip it even though I want so much to go.

54. God, I am still hungry.

55. I'm thinking about the burger from 7-Eleven. I think I'm going to eat 10. Nothing's impossible. Time will soon make it possible.

56. I like to write gibberish that mostly makes sense only to me.

57. I'm not a very good listener.

58. I'm pretty talkative.

59. Last Friday, I found out that I can do lyrical dances. How cool is that!

60. I am more of a pessimist than I am an optimist.

61. My colleague told me yesterday that her first impression of me was "WHAT A HUGE ASS!". Eh, thanks lah. I get it all the time. It hardly affects me anymore.

62. I'm kinda sleepy.

63. I like good boys.

64. The boys who like me are usually short. I've only had two tall boyfriends.

65. I can be funny.

66. I am more lame and corny than I am funny.

67. I cannot hear a song that was written for parents. Tears would roll down like indians down hills.

68. I am not racist lah.

69. I rap and still do.

70. I like everything associated with words and poetry.

71. I'm not a big flirt. I actually suck at it.

72. I'm wondering if you know anything at all about me if you read this.

73. I can hardly live without make up. Fuck natural beauty.

74. I like simpletons because its amazing to see that someone can still remain so despite the world, life and its complications.

75. I have a pretty good imagination.

76. Talk to me if you want to talk nonsensical.

77. I'm not a big pretender.

78. I hardly enjoy snacking.

79. I eat sweets like I'm an addict. Its very awful, really.

80. I like to spin around in circles.

81. I like to wear accessories.

82. I like flowery prints.

83. I like it when people leave personal notes and messages on my desk.

84. I like monochrome.

85. I don't get the deal about Jessica Alba.

86. I am rather naive and I would easily believe you if you looked confident enough

87. I can hardly tell a lie and get away with it.

88. I like smileys.

89. Post-it notes are genius!

90. If I had money, I would like to own a cafe that sells itself for its ambience. There would be a hundred varieties of tea, board games, chill out, triphop music in the background. But I want it to also look like its for the ordinary people by the ordinary people not all posh, cocky and pretentious.

91. If I had enough ideas to make my own magazine, I'd call it "The Ordinary" because ordinary people can too.

92. I easily pick arguments. Its hard for me to see things from another person's point of view if I cannot rationalize it.

93. I have the coolest workstation with many many colourful things.

94. I dance funny dances.

95. My mother is my favourite person in the world.

96. I can multitask really really well. If you need proof, approach me and I'll show you.

97. If I watch too much tv, I feel jetlagged, unproductive and completely useless.

98. I suffer from PMS and use it for a convenient excuse for everything. Even when I'm not PMS-ing!

99. I am always deprived of sleep although I feel sleep is important.

100. I am that bored that I typed out one hundred things about me.

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